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You are about to embark on your personalized journey through space.
You are free to learn anything that you wish: basics of spaceflight, engineering, biosciences and astrophysics, other topics.
You can go through the units in any order you choose.
To become a Space Cadet you have to gather 20 points total or to earn one of our medals. If you think you need more details, do continue with the tutorial.

Onward and upwards!

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About The Space Challenges Program


Prepare the next wave of explorers, leading the way for Humanity in Space.


Develop a generation of young scientists and technologists with an entrepreneurial mindset.


Space exploration has for many years attracted the interest of generations. The core science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) disciplines and their application to real problems are the basis of Space Challenges.

Our mission is to help develop a generation of young scientists and technologists with an entrepreneurial mindset, who have been exposed to the best practices in space research and advanced technologies.

Space Challenges offers innovative approach to science and technology, enabling unprecedented opportunities for fostering entrepreneurial skills in the process. The program has revolved around three components: science, technology and entrepreneurship. Space Challenges is a multidisciplinary educational program that is completely practice-oriented.

The program format is comprised by 3 main activities:

  1. Core lectures led by leading experts
  2. Workshops and practices
  3. Team projects

The main advantage of the program is that the participants are engaged into active participation. The workshops and exercises comprise more than 70% of the entire program. At the end of each program’ session, our Space Cadets (participants) have designed, developed and built prototypes of products and applications.

Learn all about the program, its methodology and structure: Program Info

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